What can NLP trainers learn from Netflix?

At CR Squared we know that tech organisations like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video have got a lot to tell us about how to engage people online. So here are three important ideas to transform your upcoming trainings.

People use the internet because it delivers choice. Choice of content, sure, but we (and Netflix) mean when, where and how people access stuff. It gives

people a sense of control; they get what they want when and how it suits them. These days, a TV announcer saying “tune in next time for another exciting installment…” sounds deliciously archaic.

People are happy to take on large commitments using the internet. Netflix et al successfully deliver stuff that takes long periods to complete: eight seasons of Game of Thrones is a lot of viewing. They keep viewers motivated by delivering bite-sized chunks of eye-catching content embedded in a coherent long-term story arc. The viewer is automatically offered their next episode in the carefully-designed chain, and they are enticed onward by the ooh-what-happens-next factor.

People engage online socially. We’re not talking social media here; we’re talking ‘watch parties’. Netflix et al have all created specific software that lets a group of friends watch online content together, across the globe. Be ready to hand off the (virtual) remote, and compete for best-snack bragging rights on live webchat.

Don’t happen to have an IT department big enough to build all this? Keep calm.

It’s all easily doable with our Learning Management System.