We are all waking up to a new world.
We recognise that in learning to adapt to today's challenges people are showing a massive interest in NLP.

But at the same time their expectations about how they will learn and develop are also changing.
We need to meet them where they are.

We need to exceed these new expectations.

We believe in the remarkable power of NLP training.
We also believe that the way it is delivered needs to evolve flexibly with the times, and reach orders of magnitude more people.

The manifesto offers values and principles to focus how we create community, engagement and impact with new forms of delivery.

  • Meeting our students' needs over delivering a recognised curriculum


We are exploring better, more adaptive ways to reach people with the great ideas of NLP.
In taking this journey, we have come to value:

  • Experimenting with flexible approaches over adherence to prescribed methods

  • Supportive online communities over isolated study

  • Using available interactive technologies over broadcast lectures and printed manuals

  • Creative and varied delivery approaches over seeing 'in the room' as ideal

The 14 Principles of NLP Hybrid Delivery

Our highest priority is inclusivity: to make quality NLP training accessible to as many people as possible.

Celebrate the unique perspective and rich experience of each NLP trainer.

Provide quality online training material for self-paced learning of students, working to their own lifestyle and time constraints. Honour their preferences by enabling them.

Generate true communities among students. Enable them to benefit from each other by sharing their insights and having their human social needs met.

Use personal instruction by the trainer as a high-impact resource when the benefits of interactivity are clear.

Make use of online gamification to enable those students who are motivated this way to have a sense of progress/achievement/improvement.

Have flexible delivery options always on hand to allow programmes to pivot as the world changes.

Monitor the progress of students and supportively interact with those who are insufficiently proactive.

Make use of varied media, appealing to all student modalities, enabling them to engage with the approach that best suits their preferences.

Use conferencing technologies with groups or individuals to provide access to trainers and colleagues in a flexible way.

Recognise that rapid feedback, whether provided by a trainer, a colleague or a system, is a crucial part of learning.

Prefer training delivery solutions that enable trainers and students to minimise their carbon footprint and help protect the planet.

Offer modular courses that address particular personal or professional needs, and which build towards full certification objectives.

See ongoing changes in training expectations as a wonderful opportunity to evolve and improve delivery.

NLP is about maintaining creative flexibility.

Flexibility must be evident in the ways training is delivered.