NLP Training Platform

The NLP Training Platform called the Laws of Motion (LOM) uses one of the top global Learning Management Systems, TalentLMS. The LOM has been configured specifically to support the training needs of an NLP trainer, and comes with direct access all the NLP Training Content. It is also integrated with Zoom - meaning that all your online and conference training needs are met in one browser-based application.

As a world class LMS, it benefits from all the latest LMS features, and is maintained and evolved by the developers as new capabilities are invented.

In this environment you are simply a user, but with the power to create and manage your courses.


To give you an impression of what the LMS looks like, we've assembled a set of screenshots featuring some of the more commonly used features. When it comes down to it, we'll be there to help you and you'll have 'how to' videos to get you familiar with the system.

Click on any image below to see more.

Login Screen
Course Catalogue
Learner Home Page
Learner Home Page - List
Adding A User
Adding A Video
Adding A Video - Options
Quizzes - Trainer Set Up
Quizzes - User View
ILT - Instructor Led Training
ILT - Webinar
Calendar Events

Learning Management System
The Hybrid Trainer's Essential Tool


The world of education has changed. Students increasingly expect methods of learning that enable them to fit their personal development into both their work and home lives.

This means that it is no longer thinkable for many people to take time out and travel far to learn NLP. This change in expectations brings a problem.

Whenever a course is run ‘in the room’ a trainer has many ways to ensure that the experience is engaging, that the teaching is being understood and that the students benefit from being part of a like-minded community.

The more recent model of dispatching a wadge of written material, or posting up a set of videos does not solve the problem. Simply hoping that people do the work in isolation is unrealistic. As a way forward, this has never been adequate.


Learning Management Systems have evolved to address these problems of student engagement, feedback and community in a remote learning environment. And these days LMS’s are built so that you don’t need an IT department to run one.   


A modern, truly hybrid learning model uses the capabilities of an LMS to address the issues of engagement, feedback and community, and it solves a lot of practical issues too.

The key to a long term successful school, particularly when teaching NLP, is to use the diverse and rich capabilities of an LMS intelligently and creatively, blending the online portion of the learning with any intensive in the room experiences you choose to include.


Done well, the remote part of your course will be fully engaging to your students, providing them with a supportive learning community and sufficient feedback from you to enable them to manage and assess their progress well – without you having to be online every waking moment.


Take a look at what our LMS is capable of and get some ideas about how creative and engaging your school can be.   

The Steps To Your School

We recognise that becoming a technology-enabled trainer of NLP can feel like a big ask. For this reason we have the following options that will enable you to try out what we have to offer in practical stages.  In this process you will be exploring what is possible and designing what kind of trainer you could be with the right resources. We see this as three stages or steps, and we're happy to work closely with you as you take them at a pace that suits you.


What's your situation? What solution would work for you?


Step 1: Toe In The Water

We've got a Guest Online School where trainers who want to experience what an online school looks and feels like can give it a go.

The way this works is that we give you access to the Guest school for free and allocate you some NLP Content Bundles of your choice.

We'll load your ID so you can see what it's like to be a Learner at the school - but also you'll be able to switch into Instructor mode and play with the course - rearrange the content and add your own material. 

This is about getting comfortable with the quality of the content and with the capabilities of the technology.

Step 2: Paddling

Now it's time to get a bit wetter and splash about a bit. This is where you  begin to design what courses your school will offer and how it will look.

At this point we create a school specifically for you and populate it with whatever content you wish to work with.  We can add your logos and brand it in your colours. Once again, no charge.

You'll be able to construct the real course that you want to offer, add your own material and become more familiar with how it all works. 

We call this step the "proof of concept".  We are there to be an active sounding board for your ideas and, as we know our NLP Content backwards, we will be happy to help you select and structure the units you'll need for maximum effect. This is the fun bit.

Step 3: Go Swimming

So at this stage you've got an online school with your own courses in, and you need to try it out on real people. 

We recommend that you take a few weeks to try out working with a small group of system testers. This is so you can experience how the system enables you to track the progress of your students, receive and give feedback on assignments, run webinars and generally teach.

At this stage we'll be charging you a small fee to cover the access to the school for you and your testers, but the NLP content you use is still on trial and as a result comes free to your testers.

And when you've done that you're ready select your package, recruit your students, and go live.



In broad terms the cost of the training platform is driven by the number of active users you you wish to have on the system. The bigger your school the more you will pay.

Because the number of active users varies on a day by day basis, we have put together packages, and the package simply defines the maximum number of users you can have on the system.



To get you started we have the Guest option where you, as a trainer, can access the system for free and become familiar with both the NLP Content and how the Training Platform works. You are as the name implies, a guest.

The next step is also free and is intended to give access for you and up to two other trainers, while you develop your courses and settling on the brand in your own school. Unsurprisingly we call this the Developer package. Once again no charge.

We recommend that once you have your courses finalised, you spend a few weeks doing a dry run with small group tame users to give you the experience of working with clients. At this point we will charge you a nominal access fee for each tame user you include to cover our infrastructure costs. With this kind of a dry run/pilot we don't charge for using the content.

Once you've done that, you are ready to go and we help you to select your starting package, which you can upgrade when you reach the package limit.


Guest / Developer

Up to 2 trainers
Access to content

Set up your own school when ready



Up to 12 users
Unlimited courses
Billed annually


Up to 30 users
Unlimited courses
Billed annually



Up to 60 users
Unlimited courses
Billed annually



Up to 100 users
Unlimited courses
Billed annually

The cost of each package is is driven by the number of users you wish to host in your school.
Talk to us about how these flexible options work to make this very affordable.  For details please contact us.