Representing the NLP Communication Model

It’s difficult to imagine any aspect of teaching NLP that is more central and fundamental than the NLP Communication Model. It’s like the wiring in a house. It reaches everywhere and powers everything. And like the wiring in a house, occasionally it could do with a bit of renewal.

So how could we renew the way we illustrate the NLP Communication Model? With the visual technologies that are available today, how might we give the Communication Model a fresh look that makes it feel contemporary and meets the increasingly sophisticated expectations of the modern online audience?

We came up with a representation that progressively builds the model online. It also translates to a useful single image, to support the trainer’s discussions of many other aspects of NLP.

CLICK HERE to take a look at our online explanation of the re-imagined model. It’s live from our Learning Management System.

If you like what you see CLICK HERE for a .png version of the single image for you to use.