Redesigning NLP training for the online environment

The magic of the cinema is different to the magic of the theatre, and online training magic works differently to in-person delivery.

Here are the four key ideas you need to make your online NLP courses a game-changer.

ONE: CREATE the environment

Set up a rich online environment for your students. Make it easy for them to access and use fabulous resources. Give them multiple ways to interact with you and with the material. Use what’s out there and combine it with your own unique offerings. And when you mix the two, be sure to keep your own brand message clear and your own training style in the foreground.

TWO: TRACK progress

Gone are the days when the gold standard for supporting your students was a phone call every couple of weeks to ask, “How’s it going?” Online you track remotely. In real time. At an individual level. And you do it because that’s how you provide just-in-time support – and it’s why your students know they can rely on you at all the future steps of their NLP journey. On-sell and cross-sell, anyone?

THREE: ENGAGE the individual

“Yes, but how do I make sure the individual actually learns from the resources I’ve supplied?” You engage each one. You hold scheduled live interactive webinars on announced topics. You talk to individuals regularly, one-on-one, knowing the exact state of their progress. You create teleseminars where each student has prepared a five minute presentation on a topic you assigned. You create discussion threads and provoke contributions. You find another ten ways to motivate and focus each student. (And then you wake up with another twenty ideas.)

FOUR: KNOW where to draw the line

Some parts of your training will be harder than others to offer online. Where is the real boundary (for you) between necessary in-the-room events and creative online delivery? Where is your comfort boundary? Are you clear about the difference – and ready to be flexible as the external situation changes?

When you apply these four keys ideas to your NLP training business, you can get some real market leverage in challenging times.