Always winter...

“Always winter, and never Christmas; think of that!”

I sometimes reread the books I loved as a child, and when I do, I see new relevance to my life. I was rereading ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, and that quote suddenly summed up the past two years for me, even living here in the warmth of South Africa.

Snowed under; chilly isolation; little to celebrate - life put ‘on hold’.

But Spring Is Coming.

As the long global thaw begins, what do you see emerging outside your window on the world?

What is springing up again, familiar and precious?

What hasn’t survived? And what new possibilities do you now have space, time and energy for?

THIS change of season isn’t just a date on the calendar where we feel pressured to make ‘resolutions’. This is a different kind of spring. We are all emerging into a forever-changed world.

What questions do you need to ask about your changed world?

How will you apply the answers to your life, your work, your mission?

How do you, as an NLP professional, lean into NLP to help you thrive?