Gamification & Rapport

Some Gamification Ideas For Teaching Rapport Online

Imagine you are looking to teach Rapport online. You've got all your training material sorted and the theory is well covered.

Now it's time to Demo the process, get your students to Consolidate their knowledge, and finally put it into Practice.

What are some of your options on the CR Squared LMS?


Knock yourself out by creating a video of Rapport techniques and load it to your course on the LMS. Remember only your students can see it. The video is re-usable of course so that's a valuable asset.

Consolidate Knowledge

There is a wide range of simple-to-use tools here. Maybe you create an online Quiz focusing on which aspects of Rapport your students saw in the video. Or maybe you'd prefer to use a Pairing Game to pin down specific teaching points, or you can use a Sequencing Game to to reinforce the understanding of process. These games can be once off or repeatable for those students who want to pursue it until they get it.

Another idea is to open up a Discussion Group all about Rapport and get your students to contribute with their own thoughts and examples of how it works and when the absence of Rapport was an issue for them. They can even load their own media into discussions so it's not all write, write, write. Maybe you'd prefer your discussions to be live?. So you set up an ILT (Instructor Led Training) using the conferencing facilities. You have presentation facilities, a shared electronic whiteboard and those ever-useful breakout rooms to run whatever training strategy you design.

Put Into Practice

One way of putting Rapport into practice might be to set your students a challenge to record their own Rapport audio file. Provide them with an audio example and get them to match the voice qualities of the speaker. They can record their own attempts using the LMS facilities.

Or maybe you go the whole hog and approach the challenge as a video which they can load up for you, or maybe for that discussion group, to review.

Do you get the idea?

Big Picture

Essentially you are transforming your students from being passive recipients of information into active participants with feedback loops. You are leveraging your student community to provide a significantly enhanced learning experience.

Taking the longer term view, it's a good idea to let the system reward your students with points or badges, and even digital badges that they can share on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. There's nothing like participant bragging rights to get the word out about your courses.

For those that are motivated in this way, these acknowledgements of their efforts and achievements are a powerful reinforcer of their learning behaviour.