Over the years NLP has been taught in a very hands-on experiential way. However technology has moved on, and now students can learn remotely at times that suit their lifestyle.  With the emergence of distance learning as the way of the future, there is a pressure on NLP trainers to be flexible and creative and incorporate online training into their hybrid repertoire.

CR Squared is firmly committed to spreading the key ideas of NLP. We invite certified NLP professionals to spread their expertise in a genuine hybrid learning model. To do that you will need our two core offerings - an online training platform and NLP training content to populate it with.



CR Squared provides the technology platform where you can host your own training school. We call this platform 'The Laws of Motion' or the LOM.  We look after the technology. You run the school.

The LOM is a world class learning management system with fully integrated video conferencing facilities. It enables you, as the trainer, to have your own branded online school where you can host your training, deliver your content, interact with your students and keep moving forward.

Because the LOM is world class, it has, as standard, the facilities to load and create modern interactive training material in all sorts of formats. Video - Audio - PowerPoint - Quizzes - Surveys - Games - Online assignments with submissions in text, audio or even video.  You choose to use the ones that make most sense to you.

Your students can securely access the system using any device - smartphones, tablets , laptops and desktops are all supported.  They can even download an app and work offline.



We also provide unbranded NLP training material pre-loaded on the school for you to include as part of your offering.

The training material covers the WHY and the WHAT of NLP Practitioner certification content.  The idea is that  the online content takes your students through the basic understanding of NLP ideas. From there, you will be able to add your style and talents to helping them develop their understanding and put it into practice.

In order to be as flexible as possible, the training material comes in over 100 separate units which can be selected, assembled and combined on the training platform to suit your training approach, and your clients' needs.

This bite-sized chunks approach also enables you to integrate your own material into the programme to give an even fuller offering.

The 100+ training units are designed to cover all the material covered by NLP Practitioner Certification.  You can cherry pick what you need or you can take and arrange all the material as you wish.

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