The Laws Of Motion is an integrated training platform that lets you provide world-class hybrid training. It’s your fully equipped ‘school’ where you create and run courses. It’s your student administration office where you monitor their progress and enroll them for more advanced studies.  We run the platform - you run the school.

It’s your suite of virtual classrooms and meeting rooms, as well as your noticeboard for in-person days at your preferred conference venue.

If you are a trainer, it’s the unified headquarters of your business operations. Browse through the images to see what it looks like.


Create, distribute and update your rich training materials.

Provide sequences of study units or browsable libraries.

Get interaction and insight with assignments, quizzes and surveys.

Focus your support for individuals using online real time progress reports.


Schedule webinars, videoconferences or private tutoring on the students’ Calendar.

Then host your online events on the built-in video communication platform.

Keep groups informed about in-person events and arrangements, and manage student readiness for certification with deferrals to a later event.



Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop – students simply use their device of choice. Or they can download a free mobile app on tablet or smartphone and use it for offline study.

Let each individual choose the language your school uses for their Laws Of Motion experience – 38 languages now available!


Guard your original and licensed IP with credentialed logins, secure communication protocols, and ring-fenced storage and backup.

Deactivate any defaulting clients either temporarily or permanently.


Develop learning communities with online discussion groups driven by students or trainers.

Run ad hoc cross-group webinars on hot topics of general interest, or to carry a marketing message to your client base.


Build 'must-respond’ or voluntary assignments and surveys into your study courses to get guaranteed feedback from individuals at pre-determined points.

Build consent-to-quote releases into your surveys to keep you supplied with student quotes and endorsements.

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