In broad terms the cost of the training platform is driven by the number of active users you you wish to have on the system. The bigger your school the more you will pay.

Because the number of active users varies on a day by day basis, we have put together packages that you buy for your school, and the package simply defines the maximum number of users you can have on the system.


To get you started we have the Guest option where you, as a trainer, can access the system for free and become familiar with both the NLP Content and how the Training Platform works.

The next step is also free and is intended to give access for you and up to two other trainers, while you develop your courses in your own school. Unsurprisingly we call this the Developer package. Once again no charge.

We recommend that once you have your courses finalised, you spend a few weeks doing a dry run with tame users to give you the experience of working with clients. At this point we will charge you USD 2.00 per week per user.

Once you've done that, you are ready to go and we ask you to select your starting package, from the options below, which you can upgrade as you grow.


For more information: 

Guest / Developer

Up to 3 trainers
Access to content

Set up your own school when ready



Up to 12 users
Unlimited courses
Billed annually

USD 375 pa



Up to 30 users
Unlimited courses
Billed annually

USD 750 pa



Up to 60 users
Unlimited courses
Billed annually

USD 1500 pa



Up to 100 users
Unlimited courses
Billed annually

USD 2250 pa