We recognise that becoming a technology-enabled trainer of NLP can feel like a big ask. For this reason we have the following options that will enable you to try out what we have to offer in practical stages.  In this process you will be exploring what is possible and designing what kind of trainer you could be with the right resources. We see this as three stages or steps, and we're happy to work closely with you as you take them at a pace that suits you.


What's your situation? What solution would work for you?


Step 1: Toe In The Water

We've got a Guest Online School where trainers who want to experience what an online school looks and feels like can give it a go.

The way this works is that we give you access to the Guest school for free and allocate you some NLP Content Bundles of your choice.

We'll load your ID so you can see what it's like to be a Learner at the school - but also you'll be able to switch into Instructor mode and play with the course - rearrange the content and add your own material. 

This is about getting comfortable with the quality of the content and with the capabilities of the technology.

Step 2: Paddling

Now it's time to get a bit wetter and splash about a bit. This is where you  begin to design what courses your school will offer and how it will look.

At this point we create a school specifically for you and populate it with whatever content you wish to work with.  We can add your logos and brand it in your colours. Once again, no charge.

You'll be able to construct the real course that you want to offer, add your own material and become more familiar with how it all works. 

We call this step the "proof of concept".  We are there to be an active sounding board for your ideas and, as we know our NLP Content backwards, we will be happy to help you select and structure the units you'll need for maximum effect. This is the fun bit.

Step 3: Go Swimming

So at this stage you've got an online school with your own courses in, and you need to try it out on real people. 

We recommend that you take a few weeks to try out working with a small group of system testers. This is so you can experience how the system enables you to track the progress of your students, receive and give feedback on assignments, run webinars and generally teach.

At this stage we'll be charging you a small fee to cover the access to the school for you and your testers, but the NLP content you use is still on trial and as a result comes free to your testers.

And when you've done that you're ready select your package, recruit your students, and go live.