As a trainer, your online platform has to support your specific business model.

So we offer three styles of school to choose from. You pick what suits your needs now – and still supports your migrating between the options as your situation evolves.


What's your situation? What solution would work for you?


Pop-Up School

You’ve got this great idea for an NLP blended course…

You need to kick it off fast or lose the window of opportunity​.

Really, the online part needs to be more sophisticated than a few live webinars with extra videos to watch. So you’ll need an online school with bells and whistles - out of the box.

​​Adding in some new ‘wow’ resources to help you cover the NLP ideas would knock the nail in. You can try things out and get comfortable the idea will fly.

Is such a thing possible?

And profitable?

Occasional School

You deliver ‘people development’ courses with NLP at the core of your offering.

You see the opportunity to blend face-to-face events with online study, making you more responsive to your clients’ preferences.

​​You want a really professional look and fabulous content in a really short timescale, and you’d prefer to only to pay for all this when you’ve got active students. Keep your courses so you can pull them off the shelf when you need them.

You need that big-wow factor to get competitive advantage.

Permanent School

You teach NLP courses to a certification standard.​

The courses you teach require students to put in the hours, and that is increasingly hard to sell as a 100% classroom experience – so you’ve moved towards self-study resources and online blended training.

You are discovering that what works face-to-face has novel drawbacks online. Your key question is becoming, how can I best provide my NLP experience and personal insights with significantly reduced face-to-face time?

You want to retain your students and guide them to higher and higher levels

You want your approach to be flexible and sustainable as the world changes.