Over the years NLP has been taught in a very hands-on experiential way. The reality is that the amount of time that people can commit in solid blocks is shifting. With the emergence of distance learning as the way of the future, there is a pressure on trainers to be flexible and creative.

CR Squared is firmly committed to spreading the key ideas of NLP. We invite certified NLP trainers to spread their expertise in a genuine blended learning model. Easily create your own secure online 'school', hosted on the Laws of Motion platform.



International NLP certification bodies typically require 120+ hours of training for Practitioner level certification. At the same time, modern trends are demanding shorter training events. Today's NLP trainers must find ways to ensure they are certifying high-quality Practitioners while perhaps spending as little as 30% of the training hours face-to-face with their students. 


Non-certification courses face a corresponding pressure from both individual and organisational clients: event attendance is increasingly difficult to justify.

Technology-based delivery is an obvious solution. Yet, even then, a significant problem remains. Without progress monitoring and content-based interactivity, it becomes almost impossible to assure the training hours and the level of understanding of the material.



We create your 'school' on The Laws of Motion, and show you how easily you can load up your training material, in all sorts of formats.

Your students securely access the material using any device – smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops are all supported.  

You use the platform to create your own study materials – and this can go far beyond the content from yesterday’s classroom. Use your video and audio resources as well as your presentations. Create games, quizzes, assignments and experiments to engage your students. And include video conferences, webinars, and instructor-led training for your specific groups - or offer personal mentoring or coaching in the same way.

You interact with your students either individually or as a group. You can track progress through material and assess your students' readiness for whatever certification events you run. And if they aren’t ready? Simply transfer them to a different group, without missing a beat.



For those who offer Practitioner certification, the NLP Base Camp product is also available on the platform, under separate licence. This ten module course comprehensively covers the WHY and the WHAT of NLP Practitioner certification content. 


We encourage you to enhance these standard course by adding your own material – videos, documents, a training event, or your own online assignments. This is your certification training programme. You continue to provide what you always have done: your own unique insights in your own unique style.

All these possibilities open up new and creative business models.


Use us as thinking partners. Contact us to schedule an online discussion.

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