The NLP Base Camp practitioner-level self-study is designed to systematically take the student through the WHY and WHAT of NLP. This leaves the trainer free to focus on the HOW and WHAT IF - introducing techniques, directing practice and creating quality practitioners. The students use NLP Base Camp to learn at times that suit their situation and preferences. By the time they reach the last page, they will have an excellent working grasp of the fundamentals. They will be familiar with the mindset, the concepts and the NLP vocabulary, and at a basic level they will have put the ideas into practice.

They will be remarkably well-prepared for the certification stage.


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NLP Base Camp was created ​using applied NLP. Visual images generate specific K responses as well as providing strong anchors to enhance learning and increase retention in long term memory.

Real stories ground the abstract concepts and encourage understanding in the real world. Humour, surprise, metaphor and participation develop a specific K to keep the student motivated and engaged.

Ideas are introduced and assembled in a considered sequence. The chunks of content build on their predecessors into an elegant structure, and a coherent overall understanding emerges gracefully.


Here’s the size of it.

The self-study component consists of seventy five units and associated exercises, spread across ten courses.

In total, there are about 90 hours of training material included.

The curriculum supports the requirements of all the major international NLP certification boards.

The demos, the experiential work, the feedback and discussion - in short, all the pieces that come to life in interactions with the trainer - remain in the hands of the trainer.



NLP Base Camp provides the necessary knowledge. And the trainer interweaves their own material and interactions to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Base Camp is designed to be part of a blended offering.  It is meant to be used in a novice NLP community - which is why the functionality of discussion groups, video conferences and webinars is so liberating.

At CR Squared we passionately feel that the trainer's unique vision and context is an essential part of the student's NLP journey.

Talk to us about how best to blend your vision with the richness of NLP Base Camp.

If you'd like to see a demo : 

Logical Levels

Exercise to practise spotting levels in language with instant feedback.