As an NLP coach or tutor you have a need to store information about your individual students.

And you need to schedule (and host) interactions, send them one-off targeted resources, and provide them with offers, suggestions and promotions.

The Laws Of Motion does it all, on your integrated private platform.



Maybe you want to store their MBTI profile or Metaprograms inventory.

You pop it on to the student’s profile and declare it shared, so both of you can see it.


Or maybe you want to keep a confidential email on file, received from the individual’s medical practitioner; or some private financial information. You also attach these to the person’s profile, and this time you make it visible only to you.



The videoconferencing facility built-in to The Laws Of Motion can be used for a private two-person session, just as well as it can be used for a group of twenty.


You schedule sessions in the student’s Calendar, and notify them of the new booking. The student can send the meeting notification to their own external calendar; and they can sign in to the online session with a single click.




Need to send a private message to a specific individual on the system?

You can access any individual inside your online platform via the Messaging capability.


A notification pops up on the individual’s home page, and they access your communication with a single click, responding to you via the same mechanism.


It’s an integrated place to manage individuals and groups.


Think of your own business.  How would this integrated environment enhance it?