Over time, NLP professionals often gather surprising quantities of training, coaching and assessment resources.

Videos, audios, documents, exercises, scripts, diagrams, images, workbooks, booklists… it’s often a rich and deep well of great training material. The question for today’s NLP trainer is how to distribute and share those riches to students and clients in a secure, organised, helpful and profitable way.



Distribution of your intellectual property has four significant issues.

First: how much time do you spend sending the material to the targeted recipients?

Second: how easy is it for the intended audience to forget to use the material?

Third: how do you tell if a student has even looked at it?

Fourth: how do you protect your IP from being distributed far beyond your paying students?


For example, email is labour intensive to send; and Dropbox and its cousins are OK to set up but easily forgotten by the intended audience.
And neither option lets you know when the student uses the material – or if they have distributed your valuable intellectual property to another twenty people for free.



You upload your material – any amount of files for no extra cost – to your Laws Of Motion ‘school’, and organise it into sequenced courses or helpful specialist libraries.

Then as your students come on board, you can allocate them as you usually would, into the relevant training group. You then simply allocate the relevant courses and libraries to the group – and members of the group will automatically see their assigned training material every time they log on.

Everything you upload is protected from being saved and stored on your students' devices – unless you specify otherwise.

Now you have control over your IP.


And every course and library that you create is tracked. You can get real-time reports whenever you like, showing you who has accessed what material, and how long they spent using it.



Creating  new courses to expand your market offerings costs you no extra fees on The Laws Of Motion platform.
The cost is related only to the number of students you are working with.

Only when you are actively increasing your student revenue does your cost base with us increase.

Whether you have 10, 100 or 500 students, The Laws Of Motion will work for you.


When you put a new course together, you can re-use any of your individual chunks – videos, documents, whatever – instantly. Create your own new content, or acquire licensed material from other sources, then blend all your material to form your new course.


And of course, if something needs tweaking later, changing an item on the platform allows you to ensure that all users see the changes immediately.

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