The more solo study you build in to your trainings, the more potential demand will arise for supporting, coaching and mentoring your students. Whether tutoring hours are included in the course fees or sold as add-on packages, you can proactively offer sessions to individuals if you can monitor their progress through the self-study material.

Knowing the day-to-day study experience of your students enables a new degree of flexibility in your business. Awareness of an individual student’s progress is the key to highly valued and timely interactions. When you already know where they are up to, your cross-sell of tutoring hours gets a lot easier, and your business model grows stronger.



Without The Laws of Motion’s tracking capability, you might schedule your tutoring interactions in advance at fixed intervals. The usual risk of this approach is that you get a lot of rescheduling requests when the student isn’t ready to use a session.


Or perhaps you recognize the need to be more flexible, so you diarise to call the student every two weeks or so, and ask, “How are you getting on with the material?

What if they needed help a week ago? What if, for some reason, they misrepresent their progress when they answer you - and you have no way of cross-checking?

The Laws of Motion enables a more professional approach. Now you can consistently offer assistance at times tailored to the student’s actual behavior.

You simply supply a superior customer experience, and enhance your professional reputation.



Because every course on The Laws of Motion is automatically tracked, you and your students both can assess progress in real time, as often as you choose.

You see what they see. That lets you add value on a personalized and well-informed basis, and that’s a great way to develop a relationship of respect and trust.


Online assignments and exercises give you an even clearer view of your students’ understanding. And if you encourage them to present their submissions via audio or video – native to the platform – you even have physiology and voice cues to work with.


So your students get better outcomes from their efforts. And the more value your timely tutoring delivers, the more your students will be willing to spend on further tutoring hours.


Support them creatively and excellently, and develop this often untapped income stream.



When your tutoring approach lets you develop deep trust and respect, your students will turn to you for other types of support.


Perhaps you will hear about struggles that could be eliminated in a Personal Breakthrough Session.

Perhaps you will learn about the career environment that might be transformed by some post-training coaching or mentoring sessions.

Perhaps you can offer the student a specific intervention for a bothersome phobia or limiting belief.

Whatever the value that you can offer, your ability to sell it to your client will increase enormously when you are perceived as a well-informed, organised and flexible professional.

And all based on simple real-time progress tracking.

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