An eCoaching package is a specific collection of coaching modules designed to support a particular organisational objective. 
It is a simple step to combine modules to suit your specific needs. You can define your own programme and, if necessary, you can define your own content for a module specific to your needs.

Below are examples of packages that we have put together in the past.


You can click on an image to read more about it, or you can consider which modules from the catalogue would make up your programme.

SAICA - Personal Foundation
The first part of a two part programme produced for the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. It includes the 'Choice and Consequence' module written specially for SAICA.
SAICA - Professional Foundation
The second phase of the SAICA programme
MTN - Equip & Empower
A custom menu with additional 'Profile' & 'Self Check' features. These link to competency-based self assessment tools which were also part of the programme.
Taking Stock
Modules pulled together to support making a career change.
ICF - Opening The Door
Three modules combined for the International Coaching Federation in support of International Coaching Week. These three modules were used to support Skype coaching with young South Africans at the beginnings of their careers.
Gautrain - Personal Mastery
This eight-module programme was designed to take eight months to complete, with a group workshop after each module. The modules were released sequentially; the blue title shows the current module and the final module is still locked.
My Workplace Values
A single module that provides participant preparation in advance of a team workshop.
Personality Matters
A single module built for a well-known South African animal behaviourist.
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