This collection of affordable individual topics offers targeted web-enabled coaching around awareness and skills that are key to professional success at any level. Each module engages the individual in reflecting on their own experience and situation; every individual looks inside themselves to apply the concepts and ideas to their own world of work.

New modules are added from time to time; our clients themselves often inspire us to design new and challenging coaching content for their specific circumstances.


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Health Success Happiness

Find out just how much you have to gain from learning to recognise your strong emotions and finding ways to choose what you do in emotionally charged moments. Get to know the crucial roles that emotions are meant play in our lives. And discover your own emotional ‘habits’ – plus ways of changing the ones that are holding you back.
What Matters Most

Our true values underpin every good decision make. What are your true workplace values? They probably are not what you might expect! So if you keep making the same poor career decisions, maybe it’s time to work through our powerful process to uncover the truth about what drives you at work.
Brilliant Bounce Back

Another disappointment? Why not do something different and USE the experience to set yourself up for success in the future? We’ll help you see through the discomfort and into important personal insights that can change your experience of life. Find out how you can roll with the punches, and to bounce back brilliantly with wisdom to share.
Cool Head, Open Mind

What do you do when conflict arises? Do you express what you feel and sometimes regret it? Do you bottle up emotions only to have them ‘pop’ later, perhaps with the wrong person? Learn how to maintain good relationships despite difficult situations with this fascinating and well-proven process.
No-one is an Island

Do people baffle you with their lack of logic, their inexplicable moods and responses, their unpredictability? This fascinating introduction to components of human communication and influence shows you how you can make positive conscious use of skills that you already use instinctively – why not use them WELL?
Walking in Other Shoes

Most people would agree that ‘we are all different’; but what does that mean in practice? Get our great tools for thinking more flexibly about other people’s world views, and for taking the heat out of misunderstanding and interpersonal irritations. Learn to understand and appreciate others, even if you can’t positively like them!
What Are You Part Of?

*Requires our Enneagram debrief as a prerequisite*
How does your profile work best in a team? What gifts do you offer to the team, and how can you best contribute to communal success?
Mastering Your Money Mindset

What does money represent in your life? What are your hidden attitudes to wealth, debt, financial risk, poverty, that result in your day-to-day financial situation? Before you set important money goals, set yourself up for success by seeing how to work WITH your real self instead of against yourself.
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