The way it works is that as a trainer we give you free access to all the content you would like to look at and consider.  You can work through the material in any order and formulate your plans on how you would like to use it.  We maintain this copy with you free of charge, even after you've started training.


When you've decided what you are going to include, we assemble your programme for you on the system. We bring together the training units you have selected, and we work out a price based on the specific units you have chosen.

Each unit is individually priced, and the price is driven by the length and complexity of the content contained.  This means that license cost of the NLP content in your programme will be determined by what you include.

Your programme then resides in your school and the listed contents are visible to prospective clients, while you market it. You will pay the programme license fee for every learner when you assign them to the course, not before.



To give you an indication of what you are looking at, the entire example NLP Practitioner programme called NLP Base Camp contains over 80 units and would cost USD 350 per user.  Hope that helps.


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