It’s easy to think of an online course being made up of the material that gets distributed to the students for them to study.  But if you think that working online will remove the possibilities of learning from a group situation, then think again.


The single most important aspect about The Laws of Motion training platform is that it brings together all the tools that a trainer needs to operate in one professional integrated solution. 

Not only can you present your training material as a multi-media experience, you can seamlessly blend it with group interactions in the form of conferences and discussion groups.  And if your message demands some sort of online classroom or lecture, that capability comes as standard.  Such instructor-led training can be scheduled and managed on the system whether the event is online or in a classroom.



You can start building your own online courses from Day One.


Use the files you have on your desktop or laptop; the audio tracks on your media drive; and the videos accumulating on your YouTube channel.


Use the items you licensed from your own trainers, or from other content authors and suppliers.


Write your own student assignment questions, survey questions, or tests – directly on to The Laws of Motion platform.



You can even record your own audio and video inserts directly on to the platform - if that works for you.


All of your resources are now available to be assembled as course units in a plug-and-play design setting.


And of course, when you want to add a new little training gem, or update a classic, your changes are delivered instantly to every student who has access to the course.


Easy.  Professional.



The Laws of Motion holds your wealth of training material in a secure  consolidated environment.


And the platform lets you freely publish your IP to your students while disabling the possibility of their downloading and disseminating it without permission.

If you would like talk to us about how the system supports your business model, we'd be glad to chat: